When to Leave Your Sick Kid at Home

Ok, so there are 3 types of mamas out there when it comes to kiddos being sick:


The Sick Sally: This mom brings their babe around no matter what illness they got goin on! “Oh, look some lime green boogies! Grab your shoes, and lets get to music class!” These kids will have to be hospitalized before their Mamas keep them home.


Precautious Peggy: This mom hears a little “ah um” come from their tiny human and its, “off to bed with ya mister!” This mom also gets sups upset when you bring your runny nosed kid to classes, even though they aren’t contagious. These moms have mastered the “eye roll”, and aren’t afraid to use it when your kid coughs and doesn’t cover his mouth.


In the middle Molly: This poor mom cant figure out what to do every time her chick-a-dee gets sick, so she wavers, checks temps, gives meds etc. Then She googles and she reads baby center for the 10th time that morning, before she heads off to class feeling guilty the entire time! You might hear this mom say after her kid coughs, “Oh no, honey, cover your mouth! Did your spit go down the wrong pipe?” This mom is deathly afraid of Precautious Peggy and doesn’t want her to think she is a bad mama!


Heres the deal: Our babes get sick a lot! They just do! Daycares, germs, time of year, etc., its happening all the time. Kids can get 2 to 6 bouts of the common cold per year! I am hoping that this little guide will help you to decide whats best for your tot, and the other tots around them. Annnnnd, maybe, just maybe, moms will get better about trusting other moms on the status of their kids health.


Diarrhea: Lord, give me the strength to be mature about this topic. Seriously, I hate this word more than the word “panties”! Ok, so here is the skinny on diarrhea boom boom: Its BAD! Your kiddo needs to stay home, because it is considered very contagious.

*Watery (runs through the diaper)



*There IS a difference between “Loose” and “watery”. A loose stool aint getting through the sides of a diaper usually.

*Wait 24 hours after the diarrhea stops to return to classes


Vomiting: I have actually heard moms call the diarrhea/vomit combo the “double ender”. Ugh! Gross! Either way, vomit means you are keeping that babe home. I know you were excited to catch up at Mommy and Me with your fav mommy friend, but sorry, you will have to wait till next week. Actually, you should really wait 24 hours after the vomiting has stopped, before returning to classes.


*Exception to the rule: Gray threw up just last week, because she was coughing so hard. Poor babies don’t know how to clear their throats. Now the coughing part is something else to look at, but if your baby throws up her food because she didn’t like it, then consider it a green light to go to classes.  Not all puke is created equal!


Colds: Ok, this is a BIG one! I have no idea how many baby G has had, but it sure feels like I have wiped a lot of boogers from the poor kids nose.


Here are the big things to remember about colds:


  • Most babes are contagious 1-2 days before they show any symptoms (SUPER! Good thing I am a physic in my spare time.)
  • You will want to keep your kiddo homebound if they have a fever. Always! Anything over 100.4
  • Check those boogies!
  • Neon Green and yellow=stay home
  • Dangly not runny=stay home
  • Its important to remember that NOT all green and yellow boogies=infection. Keep an eye out for Neon Green or Electric yellow, which can mean an infection.
  • Dried green boogers are normal. Be careful when assessing booger colors, not all colored boogers=sickness

Click below to read a guide on boogie colors.  See what colors are great for summer! (He he, I am just SO funny) 



Another big thing to remember is checking on your child’s behavior. If they seem to be sluggish and out of it, then there might be something more to what’s wrong with them, and you should stay home. Us Mamas and Papas can usually tell when your baby isn’t themselves.


Here is the flip side of the diaper: Your babe is coughing, has a clear runny nose, that’s watery (AKA: you are on tissue duty 24/7). They are being silly and running around the house. This is when you go out to your class and feel confident knowing you assessed the situation correctly. Just make sure to bring a tissue or maybe 10!


Coughs: These little suckers can last for weeks on end, and you are not contagious for a good majority of this time. Sometimes they sound just awful too. Annnnd, they linger around like a shacker who stays for breakfast!


Dear Moms,


Please give other moms a break when you hear their kid cough. That might be a 2 weeks old cough that just won’t quit. You cannot expect that tiny human to stay quarantined until the cough is completely gone.



A Fellow Mom Just Trying to Stay Sane


*Dry hacking cough that doesn’t effect nighttime sleep is usually a green light

*If your babe coughs in the night, but wakes up hap hap happy then by all means go hit up soccer lessons    

BEST invention EVER!  Nose Frida!

BEST invention EVER! Nose Frida!

* If a cough keeps baby up at night or baby is struggling to sleep, but doesn’t really cough the next day, its probably just post nasal drip, which can totally suck when you are lying down.  This might not be a good reason to keep baby home, unless they are too tired from coughing all night.

*Snot can remain stagnant during the night. So, your tiny human might sound worse when they wake up/ If you use saline or the nose frida to get those boogers out. Then you can play Inspector Gadget of boogers and diagnose if they are  neon greenish and thick or NOT.


Thick snot. Too thick too run Clear, watery, runny nose
Boogies dangle Red eyes/Bloodshot
Fever and Cranky/Sluggish Wheezy and Sneezy


Roseola: This is a virus in which there is no antibiotic to be given. What’s crazy is that your babe will strike a fever and then get a rash. Once the rash arrives, your tot is no longer contagious. WARNING: If you bring your baby to a playdate with a rash all over, you will get dirty looks from other Moms, especially an eye roll from Precautious Peggy!


Croup: Fever and Coughing=Contagious


Fevers: Your babe must have NO fever without meds. Translation: If your baby has a fever and you give them Tylenol to bring down the fever, that does NOT mean your baby is NOW well to go and chill with friends! The fever must be down without the help of meds. You pickin up what I’m puttin down?!


I think us Moms need to stick together on this one. If your little one is sick and you know it, then please don’t bring them around my kid! Buuuutttt, if my kid has done her time being locked up and quarantined, and I have her out, please don’t roll your eyes at me when I whip out a tissue to wipe her nose.




 Keep up the good work Grayt Mamas!

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