The Wonder Weeks

Wonder weeks


Ok, so anytime the trash smells, I blame my hubby. I mean, he should have taken out the trash, right? He’s a man, and blah blah… Maybe, just maybe, I should be blaming myself for throwing out 2 dirty diapers, (yes, I was too lazy to walk 25 feet and throw it out in the diaper genie), in the kitchen trash? Who’s to blame here? What if your baby loses his sh*t inside of the grocery store, you know arching the back/face turning red whole thing? Who’s to blame then?


Get ready!! Here it comes!! I have something you can blame! Lets have a little chat about something called the Wonder Weeks. Now, instead of blaming your hubs, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, the dog, YOU can blame the Wonder Weeks.  I know, I know, I sound like a cheesy infomercial.


What are the Wonder Weeks?


A mental leap in the development in your baby means that all of the sudden his little baby brain starts to perceive things it wasn’t capable of perceiving before. All of the sudden his world is looking a hellava lot different. When this happens your babe is a total drama queen, practically pulls down your pants from hanging on your leg, and just isn’t the sweet little thing that you birthed. TOTALLY NORMAL, and actually a good thing! It means that your baby is developing and growing and able to do more. Give them a break, because it’s a lot to handle for their little baby brains.  No wonder babies think paper ripping is SOOOOO funny, because it’s a new sound that they have never heard in this ever changing world.


Scene: You are at Target and your little guy throws his body on the floor because you wont give him a bag carrots (that’s right carrots, and he doesn’t even like carrots). EVERYONE is staring at you as he arches his back and screams.


You: Its ok, its ok!! He’s just “leaping” (you gently use your air quotes)


Old lady: Uh-oh, someone needs a nap.


You: No, No, he’s just “leaping”


Store Manager: Ma’am (did he just call me Ma’am?) is there anything I can help you with?


You: (as your son continues to lose his shit) I SAID HES JUST “LEAPING”!!!


How do the Wonder Weeks work?


You little one will be going through mental leaps for the first two years of life, and especially in the first 3 months when the leaps are happening very rapidly. Now, I swear my 2.2 year old is still going through these leaps, and in my searches I found that indeed, kids can be leaping for a very long time, the experts over at the wonder weeks just haven’t studied it yet!  They even say they can go on into your teen years (no wonder I was such a bitch when I was 13)! Your tiny human is going to go through a specific leap, master it, then move onto the next leap.

Back off! I'm Leaping!

Back off! I’m Leaping!

How do I know a leap is happening?


During a leap your kid will be Clingy, Cranky, and will Cry. A lot. The most fussy periods can come at 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46, 55, 64, and 75 weeks old.  Now, this can happen within a week or two of these set weeks, so if it seems like your baby is a total doll at week 19, but at week 20, they are all of the sudden Chucky, then chances are they are leaping! The best way I can describe it, is that your sweet doll face little baby or toddler, becomes a total monster. They don’t eat as well, sleep as well, cry more, fuss more, want to be held more, whine, and just overall are not fun to be around! The common phrase we use around my house when leaps happen are, “What the hell is going on with her?” OR “I don’t know what his deal is this week!”


What are the Leaps? (Remember these are things the baby will be doing AFTER the leap)


LEAP 1: Changing Sensations (between 4.5-5.5 weeks)

+Social smiles for the first time

+Is more awake and “busy”

+Responds to touch differently



LEAP 2: Patterns (between 7.5-9.5 weeks)


+Notices hands

+Can actually feel toys

+Can hold head up more now

+Notices shadows on the wall

+Makes different sounds


LEAP 3: Smooth Transitions (Between 11.5-12.5 weeks)

+Follows things with his eyes


+Shakes a rattle

+Blows bubbles

+Enjoys sounds that go from high to low


LEAP 4: Events (Between 14.5 and 19.5 weeks)

+Very active (kicking legs more, moving arms more)

+Puts hands in mouth

+Seems busy with play mats (like not just lying there)

+Responds to their name

+Searches for mom and dad


LEAP 5 Relationships (Between 22.5 and 26.5 weeks)

+Interest in zippers

+Lifts things up to see if anything is below

+Puts food in the mouth

+Standing up with a little help

+Protests when mom or dad walks away


LEAP 6 Categories (Between 33.5 and 37.5 weeks)

+Begins to practice crawling (key word practice)

+Recognizes himself in the mirror

+Plays peek a boo by himself

+Shows that she knows some words


LEAP 7 Sequences (Between 41.5 and 46.5 weeks)


+Points at things, people, or animals if you ask your baby to

+Understands that you talk into the mouthpiece of a phone (Start em early!)

+Points where to go

+Stacks rings onto a pyramid


LEAP 8 Programs (Between 50.5 and 54.5)


+Picks up pencil and paper to “make a drawing”

+Grabs jacket when she wants to go outside

+Pretends to drive a car

+Closely examines how you cook, put on make-up


LEAP 9 Principles (Between 59.5 and 64.5 weeks)


+Wants to do things by himself and gets frustrated when he can’t

+Thinks ahead, makes plans.

+Starts throwing tantrums

+Pretends to cook, shop, take care of toys

+May have irrational fears (be understanding because your kiddo is not faking this)


LEAP 10 Systems (Between 70.5 and 76.5)


+Your child can console others

+Wants to do everything themselves

+Starts to understand extended family (wants to can Grams)

+Starts to develop concepts of time

+Starts to learn rules


Ok, so here’s the deal, just  because your kiddo might not be doing the things mentioned above at the time mentioned above, does NOT mean they are behind.  My girl didn’t crawl until 8.5 months and they suggested that she might be crawling when she is 7.5 months. My point is that wherever your kid is at, is perfectly fine! I ONLY bring you this little nugget so that you can feel better when your kiddo is acting all CRAY CRAY. Seriously, you will be stumped when your sweet little pea starts acting like a lunatic. Chances are (even if the wonder weeks say they are not) the are leaping.  Just watch for the signs.


Here is the link where you can buy the book, buuuttt just get the app, its so much easier.  When you get the app it will ask for your babies due date, and then will put a cute little baby face on a chart with cloudy/rainy days and sunny days, so you can tell when your baby is leaping.  It’s super fun!  And, no, I did NOT get paid to promote the Wonder Weeks, although I should. 😉


Give your kiddo a break and yourself. Life is hard shit!! Imagine if you were experiencing it all for the first time, it would be a lot to take in for sure, and you’re an adult and have had a lot of practice learning to handle stressful times.


And please always remember, whatever ways you choose to parent you are a GraytMama!!

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  • Rachel
    21 December, 2014 at 9:37 am

    This post could not have come at a better time!! My baby turned 6 weeks yesterday and this past week has been ROUGH! it all makes sense now 🙂 getting the app ASAP!

    • graytmama
      29 December, 2014 at 3:55 pm

      Oh I am so glad! It seriously helps to have something to blame when you are at your wits end! Trust me there are many more rough times ahead, but at least you can always refer to this to see what the heck is going on.

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