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So, I’m sure you got a lot of stuff at your baby shower, and you registered for all the correct things by following my BABY REGISTERY post, buuuuuttt, once baby gets to be a little bit older there is a completely different set of items that you’re going to wish you had! Now, if your a new mama reading this, and want to add these things to your new baby registry, then go for it, but you won’t really need them until a bit later in your babe’s life.

PS: I get paid nothing, nada, zilch, to talk about these products, I just really HEART them!  Almost every product has a link to where you can find these gems.


These are a Few of my Favorite Things




Inglesina Chair: You might have already gotten this off your registry, but I can’t even explain how useful it has been! You don’t need a bulky high chair. This little guy clips right on to your table, and Grandma’s table, and a restaurants table. Easy to clean. Huge space saver!


The Tot Seat: Keep this little guy in your diaper bag, and you will NEVER run into problems NOT having a high chair. There are those restaurants that only carry two, or don’t carry any. There are also those moments where you are at a friends house and just have your hubs hold the baby, which lets be honest is a challenge. Do they make adult sized bibs? Your hubs is going to need one instead of serving as the high chair.

The Tot Seat

The Tot Seat



Think Baby Sippy Cup: It doesn’t spill, it just doesn’t! It only comes in orange (not cute), but it really is a great sippy cup.


Nubby Sippy Cups: I love these too. Annoying parts, but we just use these as a water cup, so we don’t have to wash as much. Super durable too!


Fogo Sippy Cup: This cup is amazeballs for milk. It keeps the milk or beverages cold and fresh for 6 hours. Um, yes please!


Take and Toss Cups: Well, I never thought I would jump on this bandwagon, but I did. These are cheap (like real cheap) and so so so super easy to clean. If your babe drops it, it’s going to spill, but they are sure easy to use. Great for smoothies or milk at dinner, because you don’t have all those parts to clean!


Munchkin Spoons: I like that these have a deeper spoon, so that when your chick is learning to use utensils they have more success.


Nuk Spoons: I like these for younger babies, because it seems like they create less of a mess when you are feeding them. They have a flatter head than most baby spoons.


Bumpkins Bibs: Easy to wash up the mess, easy to fold up into the Diaps bag, pocket catches some food, but clearly not all. Throw this in the dryer for a minute if they harden after rinsing.


Mum Mums: A lot of mamas don’t know about these.  They are a great first snack for baby.  In fact, these are the first food for babies in the Orient.  They melt pretty quickly, so they are not a choking hazard, and they are made with pretty simple ingredients.  You can get them at Whole Foods!

First snack for baby.

First snack for baby.






Nose Frida: I have to say that everyone raves about this thing, but when you have a newborn, who has newborn congestion, this thing doesn’t work. When it starts working, is when your little one has boogers, like real snot coming out. Baby G actually LOVES this thing now. Anything to pull all that junk out of her nose! WARNING: A bulb syringe can carry a lot of mold inside it, this tool prevents that.

The Nose Frida. Yum!

The Nose Frida. Yum!


Boogies Wipes: While we are talking about Boogers, I thought I would mention these guys. Some think these are a gimmick, but I think they are worth it sometimes. When your babe’s nose is running like I faucet, I highly suggest you not use tissue over and over, or your poor kiddo is going to have more discomfort from a red, raw nose. Boogie wipes are great because they have Saline, Vitamin E, and Aloe in them. So, they are helping to pull the boogs out, and soothe your kiddos over wiped nose.  Um, hello Mother of the Year!


Coconut Oil: Awesome to use as your baby’s after bath lotion, but also has many other uses: Yeast infections, Teething, Thrush, Diaper Rash cream, cradle cap, and more.

oogiebear Booger Tool:  You gotta get one of these because you are NOT supposed to use tweezers to pull out those sticky or hard boogies, this little tool is awesome and so cheap, and it prevents you from sticking anything too far up your babe’s nose, Oh, annnndd you can use it for ear wax too!  (GraytMama Review)




Wombie: You will really only use this guy for the first few of months, but I highly suggest it instead of swaddling. No kiddo is breaking through this guy!

This guy is super happy to be in his Wombie

This guy is super happy to be in his Wombie


Merino Sleep Sack: There comes a time when your tot will no longer need to be swaddled, and you are going to need to pop them in something similar to a blanket. This Potato sack is well worth the money. Its Unzips from the bottom for quick diaper changes and opens flat for easy dressing. Baby doesn’t wake up cold or overheat. Naturally absorbs and releases moisture to create the perfect safe microclimate in any season for rooms 64°F to 80°F. Annnnd, there is even a little slot for the car seat belt, so you can transfer baby in it!


Aden and Anais Sleep Sack: This is a nice alternative to your Uber Fancy Merino sack, especially as a cooler alternative. Easy to put your kiddo in and VERY Light.


Aden and Anais Lovies: I loved using these as comfort lovies/security blankets for G. You are not supposed to have blankets, stuffed animals, toys, etc. in the crib until baby is much older, so these are FABTASTIC because they are breathable and have that silk border that babies can suck on!


Creams and Products


Aquaphor: Diaper rash cream, cuts, rashes, etc. Overall nice product to have in your diaper bag and in your house. DO NOT use this on baby’s lips in the sun. I swear it is an accelerant. At least it was for me when I looked like I had lip injections after being in the sun with it on.  Pam Anderson had nothin on me!


Corona: No, No, No not the beer! The farm animal ointment. I’m not a doctor, and I have always made that very clear. This stuff is for farm animals, but seems to work wonders on diaper rash and cuts. Smells horrible!


Dapple: Love the smell, Love that you can eat it! We use all of their products from dish soap (to clean bottles and pump parts), laundry detergent, toy wipes, and more.

Love all these!

Love all these!


Cetaphil: Skip the fancy stuff for the bath and just go with this for the bath. The derm suggested it, and we really haven’t looked back. Now, if you want the baby to smell like a cabbage patch doll, then go with something else.  I LOVE the smell of Mustela anything, but this brand is sure fire way to keep away from the derm’s office.




Skip Hop Play Mat: Ok, so brand doesn’t matter here, just as long as you get one of these. Great spot to do tummy time, and great spot to have baby be on the floor (which they should be to practice motor skills). I have this brand and liked how easy it was to fold and wash.


Baby Faces Book: Studies have actually shown that babies prefer to look at faces to anything else. My gal was obsessed with this book! Get as many baby faces books as you can, and if you can’t then get out the scissors and glue and make a baby faces collage! Baby-Faces-9780789436504


Life Factory Silicon Teething Rings: These are amazeballs because babies actually LIKE to teeth on them. I tried a lot of those harder plastic ones, and they always preferred jewelry or dog toys to them, but this brand was a hit!


Noggin Sticks: It lights up, it sups easy for baby to grasp onto, it makes noise, but not too much, annnnndd there is a little mirror on the bottom.


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes: I have met many a mommy who swear by this mysterious toy. All babies are OBSESSED with this stupid thing! Is it an IPod? Is it a radio? Or is it just a rectangle shaped light up thingy?

What is this thing?!  Any why is it SO magical!?

What is this thing?! And why is it SO magical!?


Pewi Y Bike:  You can start this toy around 9 months, and its great for tots to use as a walker, which will eventually turn into a bike.  This is mostly an indoor toy, but we do live in a big city.



Urban Bundle Me: If you live somewhere cold, like I do, then you are going to want to get one of these guys. The whole throwing a blanket over the top of your stroller aint gonna cut it with 30 MPH winds. This is basically a shower cap for your baby seat, keeps baby nice and toasty!


Zutano Booties: Socks are great, shoes not so much in the early months. I REALLY wanted the whole winter boot thing to work out, but shoes and boots were always an epic failure. They just don’t stay on baby’s feet! These DO! Buy more than one pair because they are that awesome!


Patagonia Jacket:  There are all sorts of rules about keeping a coat on your tiny human in the winter months and then popping them in the car seat.  You have to be careful you dont put too bulky of a coat on your tot and then buckle them in the car seat.  NOT SAFE.  This Patagonia jacket was a life saver!  Its warm and lays really flat to the body.

G in her Patagonia

G in her Patagonia


IPLAY Swim diaper: Whether you are in swim lessons or love hitting up your hood’s pool you need one of these. I think a lot of moms don’t realize that you don’t have to use a swim diaper (some pools require it), but most don’t. This thing is basically a “poop catcher”, which is what a swim diaper is. Disposable swim diapers are so annoying!


Noise Cancelling Headphones:  These are a must if you enjoy going to festivals or being around live music.  We have found plenty of occasions where these have come in handy!  Bonus:  They look so stinkin cute on babies.


Cross Body Bag: You might think that you will still be able to carry your FABU handbag that you just hold in the crook of your elbow, but trust me, once you start carrying a diaper bag, you are going to hate ALL your old purses. Tons of AMAZE designers and stores make cross body bags. This way you will always have your hands free.


Phone wallet: Sometimes you just need money, phone, and credit cards to go on a play date. What is the sense in breaking your back with a purse, when you can just toss this guy in your diaper bag. I’m seriously obsessed with this wallet, and love that I can just toss it in my diaper bag or the stroller and it fits all my needs in one little place.

Ok, so you can obvi print THIS list out and take it to the store, buuuuut, why not hit up  It is this amazeballs website where you can register for multiple stores ALL online!  Man, I wish I had know about this with Baby Numero Uno!!  You should also check out their Registry Inspiration section on their site.  It is SO fab and has some really great ideas all in one place.

So Stinking Cute

HapasMamas Pants:  Jeans are just annoying for littles!  You cannot climb, crawl, or throw tantrums in jeans or khakis.  Thats why these stylish pants are THE best.

Kishu Baby Bibs:  I mean how great and fashion forward are these.  Its really annoying when your babe’s shirts get all wet from drooling, so these are the best, especially because you do not have to carry around a cloth to wipe off your babe’s chin.


Making Life Easier Products

Squatchi: Ok, so once your babe gets into shoes you will quickly realize what a pain in the toosh it can be to measure their feet, especially at the shoe store.  Oh, and did you forget about online shopping, I didnt because its amazing!  The Squatchi allows you to measure your little one’s feet in the comfort of your own home.  Genius!!


Best wallet for Mamas!

Best wallet for Mamas!


I LOVE hearing about new products and am always game for trying them!  If you have a FAV product that I must try, please share the wealth, otherwise keep at it Graytmama!

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