Essentials Oils for Baby

Alright, alright, lets just get all these judgments outta the way before we start. I am ALL about being holistic, but there is a line, and I gotta say, using oils to treat an illness seems a tad “crunchy granola” to me.


So, give it to me straight these oils are legit and actually work?


It’s so funny you ask that, because I have always been the ultimate skeptic. My husband started working for the dōTERRA corporate office as their US Sales manager and told me we should try the oils because he needed to have something to talk to all the consultants about. It was mostly so we could become familiar with the company’s products. The first time they worked, I assumed it was a coincidence. The second time I was unsure, but the third time when I was using them on my baby for an ear infection, I had my doctor take a look at her ears three days after I had started using the oils instead of the antibiotic. When he said the ear infection was gone, I HAD to believe they worked because I had no other options! I’m somebody that always needs proof, so that was the ultimate testimonial for me.


Are there any chemicals in these oils or are they all natural?


Essential oils are often looked at as an all-natural solution, but truth be told so many oils out there are just perfume and fillers—no therapeutic benefit. If you read the back of the bottle they will say things like, “for aromatic purposes only.” But dōTERRA’s oils are 100% pure and sourced from the plants’ native origin so you get the most potent and most pure oils. They have no fillers, no pollutants, no additives—just as nature intended them to be.


On some of my cheesy vampire shows I see them drinking the potions, is that what you do with oils?


Haha! Actually, that is one way that oils can be used. Like I said before, oils can be taken internally, topically or aromatically with a diffuser. Oils applied topically go through the skin and are immediately distributed throughout the body through the blood stream. If you put an essential oil on your foot, it will have gone through your entire body in less than thirty seconds. They are THAT powerful so it’s important to remember that a little goes a long way! You can put a drop or two in your drink (although some don’t taste so great!) and they can be diffused into the air (which we then breathe in).


Someone gave me a doTERRA oil called “On Guard” and suggested I make a hot tea out of it and put a few drops in it when I am sick. To be honest with you, it actually worked and I didn’t feel sick anymore. What gives?! What is in this magic oil? Can I give it to my kiddo?


On Guard is one of my absolute favorites. It is a blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary. The cinnamon oil is an amazing killer of bacteria and highly antiviral, while the others work together to give you energy, and boost your immune system, which is probably why you felt better so quickly. Oils are absolutely safe for your children. But because they are so strong, we recommend using only one to two drops at a time, usually on the child’s foot. Some oils (cinnamon especially) are what we call “hot” oils and the intensity can cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin. The skin on the bottom of the feet is incredibly thick, so it won’t hurt. It will also keep your kids from getting it on their hands…then in their eyes, etc! For kids we also recommend diluting oils with a carrier oil. Examples of carrier oils are vegetable oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. It helps to make the oil less intense.



Can oils help with diaper rash?


Oh yes. Melaleuca and lavender oils are fantastic for diaper rash. We actually make our own baby wipes that include lavender and melaleuca oils. It is incredibly rare for our kids to get a diaper rash because we are applying those oils each time we change a diaper – but if they sit in a diaper too long, and one does occur – we just keep using the wipes and it is always gone within a day.


What about if my baby has an ear infection? Should I jump right into the antibiotic that my doc suggested, or is there an oil for that too?


As I mentioned earlier – that was my very first “I’m a believer” experience! After my doctor diagnosed my daughter with an ear infection, my husband wanted me to try rubbing melaleuca (tee tree oil) and basil oil just on the outside of the infected ear for three days. He said if it didn’t work we could then get the antibiotic. I was SO MAD AT HIM! I thought my baby was going to be in pain and screaming for three days straight, but the basil helped with the pain and the melaleuca fought the infection. When I took her back in for a follow up appointment, the doc said the ear looked great. One thing that is important for me to really emphasize is that there is no right or wrong level of oil use. We are absolutely not against doctors by any means, and are thrilled to have modern medicine so readily available in this country. Our motto is: oils first, then doctor if we need to. We are not opposed to antibiotics at all – and every medical situation is different, but if you are consistent with the oils, they will almost always work for you.  




I just popped out my 2nd bambino, and when we Mamas get home from the hospital we have all sorts of things to deal with. Umbilical cords, circumcision, jaundice, nursing, cradle cap, etc. What magic oils do you have up your sleeve for newborns and new mamas?


Congratulations! I am so jealous. I love, love, LOVE babies! Our oil use goes through the roof when we have a newborn. We make a mix in a glass spray bottle that we call our “owie spray”. It has lavender, frankincense, and helichrysum oils.  Those oils are all great for calming, soothing and regenerating skin. It works wonders on circumcision healing, and really speeds up postpartum recovery for Mom. For umbilical cord stumps we use Frankincense and myrrh. (Yes – those are the same oils that were used in biblical times!) Our youngest son came home with jaundice and we used geranium oil with great success. Melaleuca and lavender are great for cradle cap, and yes – there are even oils for nursing: to increase your milk supply you can use fennel and/or basil, and when you’re finished nursing and need to decrease your milk supply, try peppermint.


Dreaded Mommy Moment #1: FEVER! Are there oils that help to bring a fever down, before reaching for the fever reducer meds?


Ugh! Fevers are the WORST! Especially that first one. But this is actually one of the easiest (and fastest) solutions out there. Peppermint is very cooling. Similarly to when you chew peppermint gum and your mouth feels colder, put a drop of peppermint on the bottom of your baby’s foot, and their body gets cooler. The fever will drop within minutes. No negative side effects and no worrying about every 4-6 hours to give them another dose.


I know these oils can’t make me taller, but I’m wondering is there anything that is just plain FUN about these oils? For example, if I take 2 drops of something, then I magically look like Heidi Klum?


Oh, you mean the Heidi Klum Oil…it’s one of the most rare oils on earth. 😉 It is really hard to keep that one in stock! (And I think Heidi would kill us if we shared her secret!)


There are a lot of things that are fun about the oils. Once you really start getting into them you will automatically think, “What oil should I use?” Instead of, “I’d better call the doctor.” And that is really empowering. I adore our family’s pediatrician, but I don’t want to spend a gazillion dollars taking our kids to his office constantly. And with five kids who all have sick friends and classmates there’s always something going around! With the oils I have the ability to help my kids at home with nature’s medicine.


Lets talk pregnancy… I had the worst morning, noon, and night sickness. I’m talking laid up on the couch, dry heaving in my car kind of sickness. Are there any oils for this? Or other oils that can help with pregnancy ailments?


Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life – but that doesn’t mean that her body isn’t being raked over the coals physically and emotionally! Morning sickness is incredibly common – and for that we suggest using ginger oil. It’s a great oil for calming the digestive system and relieve nausea. Another really common symptom of pregnancy is leg cramping. I really suffered from leg cramps with baby number five – and my husband would always rub deep blue oil on my calves to stop the pain. Deep blue is a blend of seven different oils that help relieve muscle tension, inflammation and pain.




Ok, I am feeling like I NEED to get all of these oils and maybe even make a special shelf for them in my house! How do I go about getting these?!


There are a couple different ways to buy these oils. You can shop at our online store ( with retail prices, or you can join as a wholesale member ($35/year) through Melissa and receive a 25% discount on products every time you order. We recommend the family physician kit to start!


*Essential oils are an excellent way to care for your family at home. As with all things, education and understanding of their uses is vital to ensure they are used correctly and effectively. Feel free to contact Rob or Melissa with any questions.


Thank you Melissa for the wealth of information!


Melissa Wilson is a stay (and work from) home mother to five kids ages one through nine. She has been using essential oils in her home for over three years. She and her husband Rob are co-owners of a company called Simple Essentials. They divide their time between carpool, family outings, date night and traveling around the country to share their love of dōTERRA oils with those looking to take charge of their family’s health. They can be contacted at

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  • Katy
    4 January, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    This is wonderful information and essential oils can be wonderful, but not all information presented in this article is true or safe…. Especially for littles. There are oils that shouldn’t be used for children under certain ages simply because they could cause problems. Also, ingesting oils isn’t safe unless under the supervision of a certified aromatherapist. Many larger companies promote unsafe usage of oils, so please do research before using them.

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