An Open Letter to the Mompreneur Hater

Dear Mompreneur Hater,


You know who you are, and yea I said it, you are a hater. Now I realize that your ass is super chapped from all these horrible woman selling stuff and crowded your facebook feed, but I would just like to say this: SHAME ON YOU!


Don’t tell me you have never self promoted your own blog/book, because you know you have, and just because you aren’t selling a product, doesn’t mean you aren’t making money off of your followers through the ads on your site.  So doesn’t that make you an entrepreneur? Wait, aren’t you a mom too? So, then I guess you could say you are a Mompreneur…Just an FYI: The definition of a Mompreneur is a female balancing the life as a mom and a business owner.


Now, I will admit you are a pretty funny writer (I try not to hate on others), but that is all…


Let me tell you something about Moms who are trying to run their own businesses: Most of them are not doing it so you can come over and eat their buffalo dip. They are doing it because they want the “Moms American Dream”, which is being able to get time with your kids, still have a purpose other than raising them, and be able to bring home some bacon. So, why you gotta hate so much on the Moms who are just trying to make this happen for themselves? The stay at home mom vs. working mom debate is a big one, so is it so wrong if there are moms trying to get the best of both worlds out there?


You know what is SO FAB about Facebook? Its SUPS easy to un-friend someone, and you DON’T have to like anything you don’t want to. Easy solution, right? Just de-friend them, and then you don’t have to be annoyed by them! Brilliant right? I am really good at solving my 2 year olds problems too!


Annnnd, You know what’s really nice about your money? It’s YOUR money, and you don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to. Like when an add pops up on your blog site, I don’t have to click on it, and I certainly don’t have to buy whatever is being sold.


And, you know what is really cool about parties? You don’t HAVE to go! In fact, if you stayed home then there would be more wine for people like me who are happy to support other Moms just trying to make it for their families. Then you can stay home in your sweat pants.


I’m really hoping that ALL your “friends” on Facebook who are selling, promoting, inviting, etc. De-friend you after little article, so that from now on your panties, that you bought from Amazon, won’t be in such a bunch.


But, what I really hope is that all the moms whose success and determination you spit on in your article realize that there is NO shame in being a Mom who is also an entrepreneur. At the end of the day what is most important is their families and the life that they are trying to create for them. And, maybe just maybe, their daughters will grow up seeing what happens when you put yourself out there and work hard. There is always going to be haters. Hate on hater!



A Fellow Mompreneur

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  • maureen
    18 April, 2015 at 5:30 am

    I couldnt have said it better myself Graytmamma! So tired of these moms against other moms. Yes, we are all different in how we parent, but we also share the same unique bond of motherhood. We are all just living, learning, hoping and trying to make life better for our kids. If your biggest complaint is about your crowded Facebook page and too many awful invites to parties; I would say your life is pretty damn good! Why dont you take a peak out of your petty bubble and see all the people with real problems, complaints, and suffering… and just shut the hell up.
    Hate on hater.

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